Chinua Achebe Chronology

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[from Contemporary Authors]

Nigerian Broadcasting Corp., Lagos, Nigeria:

talks producer, 1954-1957
controller of Eastern Region in Enugu, 1958-1961
founder, and director of Voice of Nigeria, 1961-1966

University of Nigeria, Nsukka:

senior research fellow, 1967-1972
professor of English, 1976-1981
professor emeritus, 1985-present

Anambra State University of Technology, Enugu, Nigeria:

pro-chancellor and chairman of council, 1986-present

University of Massachusetts at Amherst:

visiting professor of English, 1972-1975
professor, 1987-1988

University of Connecticut:

visiting professor, 1975-1976

Lecturer at various Nigerian and American universities including the University of California at Los Angeles

Citadel Books Ltd., Enugu, Nigeria:

chairman, 1967

Heinemann Educational Books Ltd., Ibadan, Nigeria:

director, 1970-present

Nwamife Publishers, Ltd., Enugu, Nigeria:

director, 1970-present

Uwa Ndi Igbo: A Bilingual Journal of Ibo Life and Arts:

founder and publisher, 1984-present

Newsconcern International Foundation:

governor, 1983

Member of:

University of Lagos Council, 1966
East Central State Library Board, 1971-1972
Anambra State Arts Council, 1977-1979
National Festival Committee, 1983

Okike Arts Centre, Nsukka, Nigeria: director, 1984-present

People's Redemption Party:

deputy national president, 1983

Served on diplomatic missions for Biafra during the Nigerian Civil War, 1967-69

President of town union, Ogidi Nigeria, 1986-present

United Nations:

Goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund, 1999

Currently member of:

International Social Prospects Academy, Geneva
Writers and Scholars International, London
Writers and Scholars Educational Trust, London
executive committee, Commonwealth Arts Organization
Association of Nigerian Authors (founder; president, 1981-1986)
Ghana Association of Writers
Royal Society of Literature, London
Modern Language Association of America (honorary fellow)
American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters (honorary member)

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