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John Lent - Bibliography

Craig McLuckie & Ross Tyner, Okanagan University College

Books by Lent:

Lent, John. A Rock Solid. Dreadnought, 1978.

 ----. Wood Lake Music. Vancouver: Harbour, 1982.

 ----. Frieze. Saskatoon: Thistledown, 1984.

 ----. The Face in the Garden. Saskatoon: Thistledown, 1990.

 ---- with the Kalamalka Writers Collective. Fat Moon. Ed. Glen Sorestad. Vernon: Kalamalka Press, 1991.
[Includes Lent's "Strasbourg Suite" and "Green Eclipse".]

 ----, ed. Air ../ Owls by Glen Sorestad. Madeira Park: Nightwood Editions, 1990.

 ----. Monet's Garden. Saskatoon: Thistledown, 1996.

 ----. Extracts from the Journals. April to July 1991. Unpublished manuscript.

Short Fiction by Lent:

Lent, John. "Monet's Garden," The New Quarterly 15, 2 (Summer 1995): 126-45.
[First publication of the title story in Lent's 1996 collection.]

 ----. "Roofs in the Morning," Event 23, 3 (Winter 1994-95): 92-95.
[First publication of the title story in Lent's 1996 collection.]

 ----. "As Far As He Could See," The New Quarterly 15, 5 (Spring 1995): 81-96.
[First publication of the story in Lent's 1996 collection.]

 ----. "Think of the People Behind You," Dandelion 21, 2 (1995): 48-58.
[First publication of the story in Lent's 1996 collection.]

 ----. "Room," Grain 22, 3 (Winter 1995): 79-90.
[First publication of the story in Lent's 1996 collection.]

 Poems by Lent (of related interest):

Lent, John. "Roofs of Strasbourg," Dandelion 17, 1 (Spring/Summer 1990): 26.

Essays by Lent:

Lent, John. "Thomas De Quincey, Subjectivity, and Modern Literature: a Consideration of the Release of Vision in Confessions of an English Opium Eater and Suspiria de Profundis," The Sphinx #9 n.d.: 36-58.

----. "Staring into Snow: Subjectivity and Design in Kristjana Gunnars' The Prowler," RANAM: Recherches Anglaises et Nord-Americaines 24 (1991): 103-115.

----. "`Turning Stones into Trees': The Transformation of Political Experience in Strains," in Critical Perspectives on Dennis Brutus. Eds. Craig W. McLuckie and Patrick J. Colbert. Colorado Springs: Three Continents Press, 1995: 99-112.

----. "Wyndham Lewis and Malcolm Lowry: Contexts of Style and Subject Matter in the Modern Novel," Figures in a Ground: Canadian Essays on Modern Literature. Eds. Diane Bessai and David Jackel. Saskatoon: Prairie Books, 1978: 61-75.

----. "Schizophrenic Patterns in the Plays of T. S. Eliot." University of Alberta. Master's Thesis. Spring, 1971.

----. "Letters to the Editor," The Morning Star March 9, 1989.
[On censorship and the Rushdie affair. ]

----."Familiar Ground," Event: The Douglas College Review 26.1 (Spring 1997): 7-9.
[Notes on writing]

Reviews of Lent:

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[On Monet's Garden]

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[On Monet's Garden]

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