Post Colonial Literature in English: Canada

Shani Mootoo's Writings: Selected Bibliography

Smyth, Heather. ²Sexual citizenship and Caribbean-Canadian fiction: Dionne Brand's In Another Place, Not Here and Shani Mootoo's Cereus Blooms at Night." Ariel, a Review of International English Literature. April 1999: 141-160. [This article examines the situation of lesbians and gays in the Carribean and issues of cultural belonging.]

Yang, June Unjoo. "Dramas of Diaspora." Women¹s Review of Books. May 1999: 11. [This article discusses the relationship between Cereus Blooms at Night and The Pagoda by Patricia Powell as novels about Asians in diaspora in the Carribean.]

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Last modified: 5 December 2003