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Dave Lichtenstein '99

Thanks for using the Postcolonial Web in Caribbean literature. I'm a senior English concentrator and have been working on this web for professor George Landow as part of a summer UTRA project. However, the work really began with a semester abroad at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus, Barbados. During my time there (and contrary to popular opinion) I did not sun myself or drink margaritas all day. Rather, I studied Caribbean literature intensively (and then engaged in said activities). I also gained an awareness of the lopsided nature of scholarly work, in that people like me at North American universities have taken on the mantle of speaking for (and about) the whole world. This seems contrary to both my own beliefs and the web's promise of truly democratizing information. So I welcome comments and additions from you, wherever you may live. This web may have been in part created by me but I have no more control over it than you do. Send anything--comments, criticism, contributions, love, Allen Ginsberg/Neal Cassady stories, and fan mail for the Dave and Jason radio show--to [email protected].

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