Caribbean Literature

A Job for the Hangman

Roi Kwabena take your responsibility seriously....
hang with expediency
hang this legislation for its impropriety
hang the legacy of slavery an' indentureship
hang high the ruling parasitic oligarchy
hang until dead the injustice of being
incarcerated for two decades awaiting execution...
hang the plan to abolish the privy council
hang (sic) the plan to empower the sterile
legal vultures of these plantation economies....
hang the archaic state of prisons,
be it trinidad, jamaica or grenada
hang quickly the temptation to ignore
amnesty international...
hang the truth up high that the issue
is not only the death penalty but human rights...
accept the reality that the causes of crime
must be addressed
for the homeless, poverty-stricken, naked an' hungry
cannot be overlooked...
hang the inability to protect the fishing industry...
execute immediately the notion of nationals
(whether trini or guyanese)
have the right to pollute the orinoco delta
with their drug an' gun runnin' activity,,,
hang until dead this system of neo-colonialism take your responsibility seriously....
then we can begin to discuss

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Last modified 1 June 2005