Caribbean Literature

1. orifice of cocker

Roi Kwabena

over millenniums convened
cocker an' derwent,
indigenous brigante, pristine scot-lands
trailing danes, vikings an' saxons;
confronted fortified murrish led romans
near borders of fells, near crags an' lake
fledging market town, here dwelled pondering
quakers, wesleyan, reformers, presbyterians,
anglicans, catholics an' cavaliers,
wordsworth: spy, lover an' poet
even dalton: scientist an' teacher,
fallows: zealous royal astronomer
as fletcher: pirate an' mutineer
without bounty were given birth
to trod narrow paths carefully
as do tourists or local ramblers
keen to record weather patterns
"never enough time . . . "

meeting places or churches now fortified
without guarded toll gates
from slither by locks, alarm
electrified fences an' chicken-wire,
beneath castled dull memory
of percy's clan defence against
marauding scots. Self-destructive bert
a brute or clear solway view
from the hay. Friendships easy
forged like little bridges near
green memorial to forgotten fallen
heroes. So bitches on leach can
pee against once saplings on
guided pursuit of space to breathe.
Dean's royal yew tree shelters
belfangan muurish graceful dancing clogs
attended with sax, duff an' accordian
to applause on narrow road

from juncture

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