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Lakshmi Persaud's Works: A Brief Introduction

B. Persaud

Lakshmi Persaud's first novel Buterfly in the Wind (Peepal Tree 1990) is a portrayal of a passage from Childhood to young womanhood in colonial Trinidad. It is beautifully written with an entrancing story and understated political insight into what it is to be a child

Her second novel Sastra (Peepal Tree 1993) is a moving and inspiring mature piece of fiction about cultural change in colonial Trinidad.

In her third novel For the Love of my Name (Peepal Tree 2000), President for Life, Robert Augustus Devonish, torn between confession and self justification, writes his memoirs as his country falls apart after its Independence from the colonial power. It weaves a striking tapestry of hatreds and loves of duty and degradation of consciousness, despairs and hopes. And all the while, the bright threads of human resilience glint in the weave.

Her new novel, Raise the Lanterns High, will be  published in March by Black Amber.

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Last modified 13 January 2004