Postcolonial Literature and Theory (English 365, Northwestern University)

Instructor: Jillana Enteen
Office Address: 307 University Hall
Phone: 847/491-3433
Office hours: Tues/Thurs 2:30-3:30 and by appointment


This class will examine fiction and films by and about Asians in diaspora during the past several decades. We will begin with theoretical essays that examine the notion of diaspora and discuss the specific conditions of diaspora for authors from South East Asia and South Asia. Continuing this trajectory, we will read several novels and short stories and see films by Asians no longer residing in what they consider their homes. Framed by critical theory about race, sex and gender, discussions will focus specifically on ways in which they are articulated within these texts.



Final Essay

The final essay, approximately 10 pages, should engage with some aspect covered in the course. Topics must be approved by me by 2/26. While it may not require any outside research, references should be documented in MLA format. See

Web Project

Working in small groups, you will contribute entries to the "Culture of Diasporas on the Postcolonial Web" ( section of the "Contemporary Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature in English" website ( Each of the four novelists we are reading are not yet on the website, so entries must be made that include biography, works, and the other links you see for authors in this section. This includes "Leading Questions." This research should lead to your final paper. If you plan to write your final paper on another author, you may make an entry or supplement an already existing entry on the website. We will tour the site together on Tuesday 30 September. The project must be completed by 23 October. I will offer suggestions that must be addressed/incorporated. Your revised submission will be incorporated into the website. No web design is necessary.


Readings and assignments are to be completed by date indicated.

Th 9/25: Introduction to course; See My Life as a Poster

T 9/30 Meet in Library Mac/PC Lab

Th 10/2 Kureishi, Buddha of Suburbia (1-121)

T 10/7 Kureishi, Buddha of Suburbia (finish) Tölölyan, "Rethinking Diaspora(s)" (Reader 2)

Th 10/9 Shyam Selvadurai, Funny Boy (1-150) T 10/14 Response 1 Due Shyam Selvadurai, Funny Boy (151-end)

Th 10/16 See Fated to Be Queer

Before 10/21: Attend screening of Bhaji on the Beach

T 10/21

Th 10/23

Sunday 10/26, 3PM: Attend Kaash Akram Khan Company with Anish Kapoor and Nitin Sawhney Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), 220 East Chicago Ave. (traveling is easiest by NWU commuter bus)

T 10/28

Th 10/30 Jessica Hagedorn, Dogeaters (finish)

T 11/4

Th 11/6 Lawrence Chua, Gold by the Inch (1-90)

T 11/11

Th 11/13

T 11/18

Before 11/20: Attend screening of M. Butterfly

Th 11/20

T 11/25 CTECs completed Final Exam

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