Benjamin Graves

Currently a senior at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, I spent the summer of 1997 conducting an Odyssey/Undergraduate Teaching Research Assistantship under the guidance of Professor George P. Landow. Entitled "Third World Wide Web," my project took as its goal the establishing of research resources about "Postcolonial" literature for students at Brown and elsewhere. Check out my essays in the Postcolonial Web:

See also a list of my contributions to the Victorian Web, which I created in Landow's class on Victorian Storytelling, Brown University, 1996. My current research as an Honors English candidate involves Salman Rushdie and problems concerning the privileges, responsibilities, and complicities of writers and radical intellectuals chosen as representative of the Third World. Please email suggestions or contributions to either the Postcolonial Web or the Victorian Web to [email protected].

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