Shifting from the geographical space of a woman's parents

Ahmed Radi, Faculty of Letters, Kaddi Ayyad University, Marrakech, Morocco

Note 3 in the author's "'Visual Representation' and 'Cultural Geography': Constructing Linkages -- a Reading of Fatima Quazzani's At My Mother's House"

As Soumaya Naamane-Guessous points out, it is already painful for some Moroccan women to shift from the geographical space of the parents, in particular of the mother, to another geography, that of the bridegroom, which is sometimes threateningly unknown: "Cette séparation est par ailleurs bien souvent émouvante; la fille quitte sa maison d'enfance pour une famille et un homme qu'elle connait mal ou pas du tout" (1990, 173).


Naamane-Guessous, Soumaya (1990) Au delà de toute pudeur. Casablanca: Eddif.

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