Osonye Tess Onwueme and the Feminist Debate, or Is God a Woman?

From Onwueme's Tell It to Women, 1997: 83).


Okay, ladies. Right! Stop, right there! Take your power, your mystic over man! Take it and go! I'm tired! And tired! Can't you pity a man who has come on a long journey to meet you from home?

I am tired. Take whatever you will. You are subjecting me to a slow death. That's what you reduce men to in order to empower yourselves. No argument. One can only sound a note of warning: women, you now got the power, but power too intoxicatres...it burns... it can burn you alive. But leave a man alone to mourn his own death. Go on your path of murdering, since you have rejected mothering. You women now use power to ruin the family. Do as you please, but let a man rest. let a man lie down. You go on, fly. Fly! Fly high on our backs. But ride us well...

Lord have mercy. You women are something else! Lord have mercy. Never forsake me in these times of trouble... trouble..troublesome women! Lord save me these...oh, what is a man to call them?...Who will tell God that the man he created is at the brink of extinction by his fellow creation?


That is your own God. The God I know is WOMAN!


Amagedon! Woman! You've dethroned God too! (Pause) That is interesting...interesting that God too has now been stripped of his powers and is now a woman. Hurray to woman! Hurray to fe-mi-nists! (He spits.)


Aaah! Fe-mi-ni-sm! That is the newest meal for malnourished Africans. Yeah! Dish it out! Let's get bloated on it! If you won't know yourselves, maybe you should let others tell you that people are getting tired of your feminist garbage. Anyone who pretends to have intelligence should have the common sense not to dish out dogmas in such large doses so people don't bloat or choke. But you so-called educated women either mistake book sense for wisdom or dismiss the common for the ordinary and inferior.

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