Osonye Tess Onwueme's Honors and Awards

January 2000: $98,000.00 Ford Foundation Research Grant/Award for my research/writing project: "Who Can Silence the Drums? Delta Women Speak!" The research, focuses on the rural women of the oil-producing Niger-Delta region of Nigeria.

December 1995: Drama Prize, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Award for my epic drama, "Tell it to Women". October 26, 1995: Award of Excellence for Academic Contributions by Women of Color to the University of Wisconsin System.

1989/90 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ceasar Chavez, Rosa Parks Distinguished Writers Award, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

February 1998: Distinguished Authors Award for "Overall Contributions to the Development of African Literature", at the Ife International Book Fair, Ife-Ife, Nigeria.

December 1985: Drama Prize, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Award for her play, "The Desert Enroaches". 1978/79: Faculty Prize for the Overall Best Performance in the B.A. and B.Sc. Degree Examinations, University of Ife, Ife-Ife, Nigeria.

1971: "The State Scholar", Bendel State Merit Scholarship awarded to the top 5% of Secondary/High-School Students; award sponsored by the Bendel State Government, Nigeria.

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