The occidental force of information tele-technology

Irving Goh, The National University of Singapore

Note 6 in the author's " Promising "Post-colonialism": Deleuze-Guattari's "Minor Literature" and the Poetry of Arthur Yap"

On the occidental regret of the occidental force of information tele-technology, see the works of contemporary thinkers like Jean Baudrillard or Paul Virilio. It is Virilio, in writing about telematics, who writes about "pity": "the goal of science and technology has indeed now been attained. To eradicate the gap, to put an end to the scandal of the interval of space and time that used to separate man so unacceptably from his objective: all this is well on the way to being achieved. But at what cost? Surely at the cost of making pitiful, pitiful for all time, not only all those countries crossed in near total indifference, but the world, the space-world" (Open Sky, p. 119).

On the intimation of the Deleuze-Guattari notion of "city/ state" as applicable to the space of Singapore, see Phillips's "Singapore Soil" (p. 190).


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