Example 8

Malcolm P. Williams, King Fahd School of Translation, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetuan, Morocco

Example 8 from the author's "Ensuring Fair Play in Inter-Cultural Encounters Do we need a Tertium Comparationis? -- A Translator's Perspective."

During his long travels, whenever he heard about a pious man in any city, even if it was not on his route, he would make a diversion, visit him, receive a blessing from him, and ask him to intercede with God for him and for his parents. He would only associate with virtuous and honourable men. Another point about him was that from the beginning of his travels, he took advantage of the indulgence of the glorious Sharica, and married a girl from any city he stayed in or planned to reside in. Sometimes he would marry while en route somewhere and would not leave her until she asked to leave him. In this way he avoided falling into fornication and violating the customs of the people of the city where he was staying. All this shows the strength of his religious feeling and the unspotted purity of his honour.

Example 8 is taken from p.12 of Dhikrayat mashahir rijal al-maghrib, No.25, about Ibn Battuta, published by ISESCO in 1996.

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