J.M. Coetzee: Works


Dusklands, 1974.

In the Heart of the Country: A Novel, 1977. (Filmed as Dust in 1985)

Waiting for the Barbarians, 1980.

Life and Times of Michael K., 1983.

Winner of the Booker Prize, 1983.

Foe, 1986

Age of Iron, 1990.

The Master of Petersburg, 1994.

The Lives of Animals, 1999.

Disgrace, 1999.

Winner of the Booker Prize, 1999.

The Humanities in Africa, 2001.


Boyhood: Scenes from Provincial Life, 1997.

Youth: Scenes from Provincial Life II, 2002.


White Writing: On the Culture of Letters, 1988.

Doubling the Point : Essays and Interviews, 1992.

Giving Offense: Essays on Censorship, 1996.

Stranger Shores: Essays 1986-1999, 2001.

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