Athol Fugard's Plays

Iain Fisher

No-Good Friday 1958

Nongogo 1959

The Blood Knot 1961, updated as Blood Knot 1985

Hello and Goodbye 1965

People are living there 1968

Boesman and Lena 1969

Orestes 1971

Statements after an Arrest under the Immorality Act 1972

Sizwe Bansi is Dead 1968 improvised by Fugard, John Kani and Winston Ntshona

The Island 1973

Dimetos 1975 revised 1976

A Lesson from Aloes 1978

Master Harold..and the boys 1982

The Road to Mecca 1984

Blood Knot 1985

A Place with the Pigs 1987

My Children! My Africa! 1989

Playland 1993

A Valley Song 1996

The Captain's Tiger 1999

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