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Saraswati, Goddess of Learning and Music

Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple

Serangoon and Belelios Roads, Singapore

Saraswati here plays the veena, a stringed instrument in one of the more benevolent manifestations of the Goddess. This four-handed deity holds the veena in two hands, a book in one hand and often prayer beads in another. She is shown seated on a water lily and in some depictions on a swan or goose. On the side stands a female attendant holding a pot with a coconut in it which is considered auspicious.

Saraswati is worshipped not only by the Hindus but also by the Jains, perhaps because of the significance accorded to knowledge in the Jaina path to liberation.

Caption by Medha Malik Kudaisya; photograph by George P. Landow (April 2001).


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