His Mother is a Theatre

His Mother is a Theatre

Suzann Victor

Year: 1994

Medium: Mixed Media installation

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Suzann Victor's installation work His Mother is a Theatre was first displayed in Personae 1 in 1994. This powerful and theatrical work comprises a long piece of black fabric configured into women and men's garments hung on walls flanking a table. On the table are placed three small woks and six bread loaves. The lid of one wok is attached by wire to a spring mechanism whose motion causes the lid to intermittently hit the wok, Words, formed with strands of human hair, are arranged in concentric circles beneath the table. This work is the artist's statement of women's position in a patriarchal society.

-- Channels & Confluences, chapter 23.


Kwok Kian Chow. Channels & Confluences: A History of Singapore Art. Singapore: National Heritage Board/Singapore Art Museum, 1996. Plate 117.

This document is part of a joint project of the Singapore Art Museum and the Honours Core Curriculum, National University of Singapore. This image and accompanying text appears here with the kind permission of the Singapore Art Museum.

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