Ng Eng Teng: An Overview


"Ng Eng Teng is a fiercely independent and prolific artist, creating more than 300 sculptures over a span of forty years, from monumental public works in ciment fondu to life-sized or smaller sculptures in bronze, ceramics and ciment fondu. This does not take into account the other categories of work, particularly the functional wares, maquettes and drawings produced in such quantities since the start of his career that only a rough guess at their numbers can be made. "

"The human figure remains Eng Teng's principal source of inspiration and, no matter how abstract, his works, from the earliest, tentative explorations to these mature, masterful creations, always retain some link with figuration. They can be classed into a number of categories, most of which are familiar to viewers who have followed his career because he tenaciously explores familiar themes, particularly the female figure, which his fertile imagination transforms into the most unexpected and surprising images."

-- Constance Sheares, Bodies Transformed: Ng Eng Teng in the Nineties, chapter 1.

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Artistic Relations: Comments by Contemporary Artists and Others

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