Praise for Shiau's Writings

Mr S. R. Nathan, President of the Republic of Singapore: "Daren Shiau's writings display the skill of exploring contradictions that confront Singaporeans as they tussle with the pulls of Eastern and Western cultures."

Edwin Thumboo, Professor of English, Emeritus, National University of Singapore: "The incisive revelations of Shiau's work begin with the significance and the reach of his themes. You soon discover its importance in the present overall balance of Singapore literature in English."

Ong Sor Fern, The Straits Times: "There is a poetic clarity to Shiau's writing that transforms ordinary landscapes we Singaporeans stride past unseeingly everyday into literary mise en scenes."

Alfian Sa'at, author: "One really has to admire Daren Shiau as a writer. Peninsular has its precedent in Shiau's novel, Heartland, which gives its intentions a solid credibility. Shiau's poetry carries a seamless, reconciliatory tone, trading in what could well have been anger for a reasoning voice."

Felix Cheong, poet: "You could virtually trace the defining fingerprints if our definitive poets. Rare is a young poet who knows where his words come from and where he should shepherd them."

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Last modified 22 June 2004