Felix Cheong Seng Fei: A Biographical Introduction

Felix Cheong was the recipient of the National Arts Council�s Young Artist of the Year for Literature Award in 2000. His three books of poetry are Temptation and Other Poems (1998), I Watch the Stars Go Out (1999) and Broken by the Rain (2003).

His work has also been published in newspapers, poetry websites, foreign journals and 6 anthologies of Singaporean poetry. Felix has been invited to perform his work at the Brisbane Writers� Festival, the Queensland Poetry Festival, the Hong Kong Literary Festival, the Singapore Writers' Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

As a literary activist, he has been involved in promoting Singaporean literature abroad. He was instrumental in organising a Singapore contingent of writers on 4 successful reading tours -- The Philippines (January 2001), Australia (July 2001), the US (April 2002) and the UK (August 2003).

Felix graduated from the National University of Singapore with a BA (Hons) in 1990 and completed his Master of Philosophy in Creative Writing at the University of Queensland in 2002.

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