Wang Gungwu, Head, East Asia Institute, National University of Singapore


Ahmad was educated.

He never liked his masters, but he was.

He can be a clerk, all thought,

But in his heart he had stirrings for Cam,

Where his Head had been, who was so clever.


His wife with child again.

Three times had he fasted,

And puasa was coming round once more.

One hundred to start with -- a good scheme;

Quarters too,

With a room for his two little girls.

Kampong Batu was dirty!


Thoughts of Camford fading,

Contentment creeping in.

Allah has been kind;

Orang puteh has been kind.

Only yesterday his brother said,

Can get lagi satu wife lah!"


Ahmad was educated;

The education was complete.



Reproduced with the kind permission of Wang Gungwu.

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