The inward consciousness of the protagonist(s) clashing with the outer world of the text

Mohamed Dellal, Mohamed I University, Oujda, Morocco

Note 12 to the author's "The Interpreters' Cultural Politics, Or Soyinka's Postcolonial Otherness"

The content of the two parts, as we have seen, presents a rather more lucrative textual circumstance yielding results of a certain magnitude. Yet, because the story does not exceed the temporal frame of the First narrative -- given the fact that it tells a story including a part of the life of the protagonist upon his Return from exile -- this analepsis- which reach may be just a few months, or weeks before the party at the Club is what Genette (1980) would describe as "Intradiegetic" in the sense that its content and time-line can be incorporated within the content of the First narrative. In addition, it has a "paraleptic" function as it completes information initially side-stepped by the narrative. In short this is what Genette calls a "Completing analepsis".

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