"Mimic Men" in The Interpreters

Mohamed Dellal, Mohamed I University, Oujda, Morocco, Mohamed I University, Oujda, Morocco

Note 3 to the author's "The Interpreters' Cultural Politics, Or Soyinka's Postcolonial Otherness"

"Mimic Men" or "Mimicry" is a reference to disturbing colonial subjects which upset the apple cart. Because they are "a desire that, through the repetition of partial presence, which is the basis of mimicry, articulates those disturbances of cultural, racial and historical difference that menace the narcissistic demand of colonial authority. It is a desire that reverses 'in part' the colonial appropriation by now producing a partial vision of the colonizer's presence; a gaze of otherness, that shares the acuity of the genealogical gaze which, as foucault describes it, liberates marginal elements and shatters the unity of man's being through which he extends his sovereignty." (Bhabha 1994: 88-9).

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