"Poet of Destiny"

Added by Suzan G. Davidson '93

A poet of destiny must have a definite identity. Even though his destiny tends ultimately to merge with the destiny of his community, he cannot afford to be anonymous or to be seen merely as a blurred presence against the powerful backdrop of themes, techniques, and intentions. The significance we attach to the poetry must necessarily take in our perception of the personality of the poet himself. His integrity must be of an overt kind, since explicitness is essential for a proper rapport between the poet and the people... The poet of destiny must have a certain concreteness of identity to help his audience to identify with the matter of his poetry, especially insofar as his credibility and the impact of his poetry depend on the distinctness of his voice, the clarity of his visions, and the integrity of his sentiments.

[From Language and Theme, Emmanuel N. Obiechina (1990) p. 213]

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