Jan Morris: A Timeline

1926 born James Morris in Clevedon, Somerset, England (oct. 2)
1943-47 served in British Army, reached rank of lieutenant
1944 editorial staff, Western Daily Press, Bristol, England
1947-48 editorial staff, Arab News Agency, Cairo, Egypt
1951 received B.A. (second class honors), Christ Church, Oxford
1951-61 editorial staff, Times , London, England (and special correspondent in Egypt, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, India, and the United States)
1953 won Commonwealth Fund fellow award
1956 As I Saw the U.S.A (in England, Coast to Coast)
1956-61 editorial staff, Guardian, Manchester, England
1957 I slam Inflamed: A Middle East Picture
1957 Sultan in Oman: Venture into the Middle East
1957 Cafe Royal Prize, for Coast to Coast
1958 Coronation Everest
1958 South African Winter
1959 The Hashemite Kings
1960 received the George Polk Memorial award
1960 The World of Venice (in England, Venice)
1961 The Upstairs Donkey, and Other Stolen Stories
1961 South America
1961 received M.A., Christ Church, Oxford
1961 received Heinemann Award, for Venice
1961- free-lance writer
1963 The Road to Hudersfield: A Journey to Five Continents
1963 The Outriders: A Liberal View of Britain
1964 Cities
1964 The Presence of Spain (later titled, Spain)
1964 commenced treatment with hormones in preparation for gender change
1968 Pax Britannica: The Climax of an Empire
1969 The Great Port: A Passage through New York
1969 Persia
1972 underwent gender change surgery
1972 Places
1973 Heaven's Command: An Imperial Progress
1974 Conundrum (under Jan Morris)
1976 Travels (under Jan Morris)
1978 Farewell the Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat
1978 The Oxford Book of Oxford (under Jan Morris)

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