A Penelope Lively Timeline

1933 (March 17) born; Cairo, Egypt
1945 moved to England
1957 (June 27) married Jack Lively, university teacher
1956 received B.A. from St. Anne's College, Oxford
1970 Astercote
1971 The Whispering Knights
1971 The Wild Hunt of Hagworthy
1972 The Driftway
1973 The Ghost of Thomas Kempe; wins Carnegie Medal; Hans Christian Anderson Award List
1973 Children's Spring Book Festival Award, Book World (for The Driftway)
1974 The House in Norham Gardens
1975 Boy Without a Name
1975 Going Back
1976 A Stitch in Time; Whitbread Award
1976 The Stained Glass Window
1976 Fanny's Sister
1976 The Presence of the Past: An Introduction to Landscape History
1977 The Road to Lichfield; shortlisted for Booker-McConnell Prize
1978 Nothing Missing but the Samovar and Other Stories; Southern Arts Literary Prize
1978 The Voyage of QV66
1979 Treasures of Time; Arts Council of Great Britain National Book Award
1979 Fanny and the Monsters
1980 Judgement Day
1980 Fanny and the Battle of Potter's Piece
1981 The Revenge of Samuel Stokes
1982 Next to Nature, Art
1982 Fanny and the Monsters and Other Stories
1983 Perfect Happiness
1984 Corruption and Other Stories
1984 According to Mark: A Novel; shortlisted for Booker-McConnell Prize
1984 Uninvited Ghosts and Other Stories
1984 Dragon Trouble
1986 Pack of Cards
1987 Moon Tiger; wins Booker-McConnell Prize
1987 A House Inside Out
1989 Passing On
1997 Five Thousand and One Nights
1999 Spiderweb
2002 A House Unlocked
2003 The Photograph

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Last modified 9 August 2003