Amy Tan on Food

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Hulan found things she wanted to eat, American delicacies, also sent by missionaries from far away. I can admit this: I was curious to try them too, these foods that had been sent such a dangerous long ways. So I tried them all, three kinds oif taste. The first was a soft dumpling, named for its color, brownie -- so sweet it made my teeth ache. The second was a necklace food lining the tree, popcorn. It was very dry and scratchy, and my mouth watered, trying to find a flavor. And then I ate a little cracker with something awful on top. Hulan ate one too, thinking that one had been rotten by mistake. No mistake. This was the first time we ever ate cheese. (Amy Tan, The Kitchen God's Wife , G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1991. p. 302.)

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