Yvonne Vera's "Nehanda": Reading Questions, Leading Questions

Members of English 119, Postcolonial Studies, Brown University, Autumn 1999

Follow for Questions by Members of of English 27, Autumn 1997

Follow for Questions by Members of of Mrs. Watterson's section of English 32, Spring 1997

1. Valerie Braman, "The Intersection of Print Culture and Religious Ideals in Vera’s Nehanda"

2. Maureen Grundy, "Control or Curiosity?"

3. Antwan Jefferson, "The Implication of Physical Direction in Vera’s Nehanda"

4. Heather Sofield, "Do You Hear What I Hear? : The Conflicts of Language in Nehanda"

5. John Yang, The Dilemma of 'Progress'

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