Postcolonial and Postimperial Authors

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African authors writing in Afrikaans

African authors writing in French

African authors not yet in the Postcolonial Web

  • Muhammed ben Abdallah (Ghana)
  • Zaynab Alkali (Nigeria)
  • Biyi Bandele-Thomas (Nigeria)
  • Mark Behr (South Africa)
  • Cyprian Ekwensi (Nigeria)
  • Shiela Fugard (South Africa)
  • Moses Isegawa (Uganda, Netherlands)
  • Daisy Kabagarama (Uganda)
  • Farida Karodia (South Africa)
  • Violet Dias Lannoy (Kenya)
  • Njabulo Ndebele (South Africa)
  • Flora Nwapa (Nigeria)
  • Isidore Okpewho (Nigeria)
  • M. G. Vassanji (Kenya)
  • Musaemura B. Zimunya (Zimbabwe)





New Zealand


United Kingdom

  • Diran Adebayo
  • Rajiv Balasubramanaya
  • Jean Binta Breeze
  • Kwame Dawes
  • Courrtia Newland
  • Caryl Phillips
  • Mike Phillips
  • Leone Ross

South Asia: The Indian Subcontinent -- Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka

Singapore (and Malaysia)

Authors for whom materials have yet to be created

  • Boey Kim Cheng
  • Lloyd Fernando (Malaysia)
  • Goh Poh Seng
  • Lee Kok Liang
  • Lee Tzu Pheng
  • Lim Thean Soo
  • K. S. Maniam (Malaysia)
  • Tan Kok Seng
  • Kelvin Tan
  • Robert Yeo

Non-Anglophone Writers -- Morocco and elsewhere in North Africa

After attending a Moroccan conference on postcolonialism in 2001, I created -- with the support of those who attended -- websites for the conference and for Morocco, even though it doesn't fall under the rubric of postcolonialism in English. GPL

  • Leila Abouzeid
  • Malek Alloula
  • Tahar Benjelloun
  • Khanata Bennouna
  • Mohammed Choukri
  • Driss Chraibi
  • Mohammed Khair-Eddine
  • Abdelkebir Khatibi
  • Fouad Laroui
  • Anouar Majid
  • Abdelhak Serhane
  • Mohamed Dib (Algeria)
  • Mouloud Ferouan (Algeria)
  • Abdelwahab Meddeb (Tunisia)
  • Tayeb Salih (Sudan)



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