Report by Funfare on Ng Eng Teng in March 1969

T.K. Sabapathy

Footnote 4, Chapter 3, of the author's Arts and Thoughts which Singapore National Museum published in 1998. It appears in the Post Colonial Web with the kind permission of the author, who of course retains copyright.

A report published in Fanfare declares that "Sculpturing now holds his interest. His themes are drawn from the social problems of the modern world". 'art portrays truth' in Fanfare, March 14, 1969. Another report carried the headline "'Bondage' begs for freedom"; the writer begins the review in the following words: "'Bondage' screams for freedom. He is chained and bound hand and foot. His muscles bulge to break his bonds. His face contorts in agony, rage and possible helplessness. 'Bondage' is one of 35 sculptures in terracotta and ciment-fondu Singapore sculptor Ng Eng Teng will exhibit at the National Library next week. This is his first one-man exhibition. It features a range of works - paintings and sculpture and bowls -- covering 10 years." The Sun, November 7, 1970. The discussion is devoted entirely to the sculptural works in the show; it is, in this respect, interesting to note that Eng Teng is labelled as a "Singapore sculptor".

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