Weya Paintings -- Village Life

George P. Landow, Professor of English and Art History, Brown University

Village Life

Village Life. Painting on wood, approximately 8 1/2" x 8 1/2."

On the wooden back of the picture, the artist has written, or has had someone else write, the following:

Village Life

Boys are hunting in the near-by mountain. A girl is carrying firewood. Mother is brewing beer at home."

What elements of the picture has the artist-commentator omitted? In what way doies this representation of village life represent an idealized version of rural existsnece, and can you find any similarities between this painting and works of contemporary Zimbabwean fiction? How does this image of rural life differ from that of boys herding cattle?

Photograph George P. Landow. Scan from original negative by Imagers. Images may be used without written permission for any educational purpose. Any commercial or other use requires prior written permission from [email protected]

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